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Buy Nanocom

I have the Nanocom Evo for the D2 and a Hawkeye Total for the D3 (having said that I have it for the D3, the Hawkeye is unlocked for most current and historic LR models as standard, the Nanocom is locked to a vehicle type as standard). Nanocoms pricing is ridiculous when you want to add a vehicle to an existing machine. At the time I bought the D3 I could have bought a brand new nanocom for the price of the licence and lead that BBS wanted to sell me to upgrade my exisiting unit... Rather foolish pricing I felt. The D3 cable is backward compatible with the D2 but the D2 one isn't forward compatible so needs upgrading if you go the way I went.

buy nanocom

Hawkeye doesnt do ECU programming which is why I havent got rid of the nanocom to be honest. BUT... I think Bearmach may have stopped making the Hawkeye as it doesnt seem to be for sale anymore and they are flogging the nanocom units now. Shame.

For models from around 2007 onwards, the GAP IID tool is the one to have - vastly superior to nanocom and writes to the ECUs but unfortunately they dont cover the TD5 vehicles with this - (I just put it here in case any one with a TDCi or D3 or L322 upwards is reading).

Maybe it depends on the model - to add the D3 to a nanocom bought for a D2 was just silly money - the unlock code is 264 plus I would need to buy another lead. Given I dislike the Nanocom I wasnt giving them that much more of my money! The unlock for some models is only 60 - thats what i was hoping for and i would have put up with the dislike of the machine!

But compared to the GAPIID which is better than nanocom and does all nanocom can do reliably the nanocom is expensive. Its much more expensive than the 300 Hawkeye Total or Lynx Evo which is only really a code reader although has some programming functions but is unlocked across most of the LR range. - if you look here, it lists the various codes and the screenshots show against them which code is for which system. Alternatively goto and login with your assocated login, and it will show you there what codes you have (expand the bit with the nanocom id shown on the right hand side) 041b061a72

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