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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

Free Download The Sinking City .exe BETTER

Also, the game .exe has changed names. The game executable, START.exe, has been renamed to Maelstrom.exe. If you use a shortcut to launch the game, you will need to change the target to match the new name. You can delete your old START.exe after downloading the updated file set and copying them into your game folder.

Free Download The Sinking City .exe

If you are part of the Loyal group, and have not received a key for free download, PM me here and I will give you your own personal key that entitles you to free download and all subsequent fixes/changes will be free.

There should be a Maelstromsetup.pdf in your maelstrom engine directory which explains it very wellYou should stick with the folder names found in the pdf pictures for simplicityIn short there are multiple shortcuts in the engine directory (these are the ones the Itch app uses)Find the ERAS shortcut and eras config example and edit it to point to one of the Maelstrom.exe-s and config.exe found in the multiple directx foldersBe sure that these shortcuts point to the correct drive letter alsoIf you have a machine with 64 bit os and 6-8 gigs of ram be sure that it points to the 64bit dx9 Maelstrom.exe,otherwise stick with 32bit exe and you should set your pagefile size to a higher value, usually 3 times the size of your ram

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