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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore

Lift Me Up

The #LiftMeUp Collection is a range of high lift demi-permanent liquid toners and an oil booster that provide up to 6 levels of lift while depositing an even iridescent blonde reflection. #TimeSaver! Now, Lift & Tone In One Step

Lift Me Up

Mix 10g #Magnum8 Powder Lightener + 40g 10-30V #Mydentity Developer (1:4). Then mix in 14g of desired Liquid #LiftMeUp Toner + 14g of #Mydentity Oil Lift Booster (1:1). Apply to dry hair. Process up to 45 minutes for maximum lift and deposit.

A double-award-winning lightweight spray that wraps around thinning hair strands, lifting hair at the root and nourishing the scalp and follicles for healthier and thicker-looking hair instantly and over time.

This unique lightweight spray is an evolution in hair thickening designed to lift hair at the root, providing weightless volume instantly. At the same time, essential vitamins and nourishing ingredients help support the scalp and follicles, paving the way for healthier hair over time.

We recommend you apply our hair thickener to just-washed wet or damp hair for instant lift from the roots and all over fullness before styling. The spray is clear and lightweight so it can be reapplied to refresh or restyle your hair while adding lift, without worrying about buildup or any greasy feel.

We recommend you apply the hair thickener to wet or towel-dried hair after showering. Using the precision nozzle, direct and apply the spray at the roots along your natural hair part as well as any thinning areas where you desire instant thickening. Comb the serum through hair to evenly distribute the formula from root to tip and style as usual. You can also spray some hair thickener into the palms of your hands and massage it into your roots for allover lift and volume.

"I'll figure it out by myself." Does this describe your problem solving? Do you refuse to ask for help? Or perhaps you go to your peers. All the while, there's your Maker standing by to help you. He provides a library full of answers. Author Alice Cravens Moore chooses one of those books, Proverbs, as a main source of assurance that empowers you to be lifted up by your Creator.

Many professed believers are stumbling in their Christian walk because they do not tap into the source of daily deliverance. Lift Me Up is a book of wisdom, filled with anti-depressants and pep for the soul. Learn to keep your heart, speak a good word, and practice being merry. Alice Cravens Moore urges you to look inside the Good Book in order to be lifted up. Accept safety, responsibility, and reverence as a way of life. You don't have to figure it out by yourself. Let God lift you up.

Reader Comments for Lift Me Up: From Janie Craun, former editor Christian Woman magazine: "In her book Lift Me Up, Alice Cravens Moore has given readers a work of encouragement. Drawn from the book of Proverbs, each chapter focuses on a familiar (or not so familiar) word of wisdom that illustrates the truth that the Lord lifts up those who trust in Him. Her personal illustrations and catchy sayings will make it an enjoyable devotional read or group study and will enrich your walk with God." 041b061a72

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