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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

Talib Kweli, Quality !!HOT!! Full Album Zip [WORK]

The album's fruition came about from the chemistry between the two emcees. Both planned to release their solo albums around the same time, but they postponed their individual projects and decided instead to collaborate on a full-length LP. The album's cover was designed by artist Brent Rollins.[9]

Talib Kweli, Quality Full Album Zip [WORK]

His latest release, Gutter Rainbows, is one of those artistically self-sufficient, post-Internet records that's been created, assembled, and channeled through means completely independent of the mainstream record industry, and yet it doesn't demonstrate a drastic change in Kweli's style at all. That probably says more about the relative freedom Kweli's had throughout his career than anything; when a solitary (and actually pretty good) beat on Eardrum is the closest he's ever come to quote-unquote selling out, creative control has never really seemed like an issue. And while there's an album in the works that Kweli has claimed will be a major departure from his usual lyrical persona-- the tellingly titled Prisoner of Consciousness-- Gutter Rainbows doesn't sound like a jaded effort from an artist who's dissatisfied with his normal routine. 350c69d7ab

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