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Ravean Heated Hoodie Buy

How well your heated jacket warms you up will depend on: the number of heating zones and heating modes (low, medium, high) the heating capabilities of each mode, and the quality of the heating elements used. All featured industry-leading shells offer low, medium, and high heating options and at least 3 heat zones targeting the left chest, right chest, and back. While other competitors use carbon fiber heating elements, Gobi Heat is the only company to use conductive threading, a safer and more energy-efficient system than carbon fiber to deliver heat.

ravean heated hoodie buy


All competing heated jackets are safe for use in the washer and dryer. However, each specifies what type of drying (tumble dry vs regular drying) is safe and instructions for properly disconnecting the battery before throwing in the wash.

Electric-heated garments sound great in theory but tend to be heavy and bulky. In the outdoor industry, heated ski gloves and mittens are relatively popular, but apparel has proven to be a tougher nut to crack. Big companies like The North Face and Columbia have dipped their toes into the electric-apparel market only to discontinue the lines because they were too expensive or too gimmicky.

The coats include an additional pair of panels in the hand pockets and come with a pair of electric-heated gloves that are powered by plugging into the coat sleeves (a feature found on many electric jackets marketed to motorcyclists). The coats also have a heavier 12-volt battery (298 grams) than the vest (138-gram, five-volt battery). 041b061a72

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