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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore

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USB flash drive makes it convenient for us to share the important files on any computer, such as the commercial project plan for business cooperation. But, it also comes with the security issues for the deleted files. Wondering whether the deleted files could be recovered by other or not? Is it possible to delete files from USB flash drive permanently and completely on Windows 10/8/7 PC? Can we make the deleted files unrecoverable? You will get all positive answers in this article: How to delete files from USB flash drive permanently.

perm ubb.rar

I agree with KT-Retro, the problem is permanent and during write operation and I have experimented it many times when copying big files. My last post only shows that a big buffer can also break the read transferences in USB 2.0 drives (when using CDCheck or maybe other programs), so there is a big possibility that a write operation is also affected by a big OS buffer. That is why FAT32 drives are not affected when writting to them.

2. With cache enabled: Teracopy does a write (into cache), a read (back from cache), and compare. There is no problem with the system's RAM, so the compare succeeds and Teracopy moves on. Then later there's an error writing from the cache to the disk drive itself and the corruption remains permanent, because Teracopy isn't there to try again. 041b061a72

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