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Where To Buy Macbook Stickers

Your app can include stickers, text, video, and audio. You can also use code to add functionality such as Apple Pay and in-app purchase. Choose to list your app in the Stickers category or another relevant category on the App Store for iMessage.

where to buy macbook stickers

Check the Guidelines. Learn about considerations for extensions and stickers in the App Store Review Guidelines. All submitted apps are reviewed based on this set of technical, content, and design criteria.

In this article, we'll discuss whether it's a good idea to apply stickers on your MacBook, what happens when you do, what to do if you've already applied them, and, most importantly, how to apply them if you must.

Stickers are attractive when applied but repulsive when you remove them. Applying stickers can devalue your MacBook. In worse cases, you can permanently damage your MacBook while scratching off the sticker residue.

This residue looks scary, but the bigger problem is the silhouette; you might be able to clean off the grease, but faded imprints are permanent. So, it's best not to apply stickers on MacBooks directly to prevent devaluing them.

The best way to enjoy stickers is to use snap-on cases. These are hardshell plastic covers for your MacBook's lid and base., which you can put on your laptop and decorate all you want. Then, when you're not feeling like it, you can take these covers off to enjoy your Mac's original look. Alternatively, you can buy cases that are already decorated, like this one by TwoL.

Laminating your MacBook before you apply stickers to it (to prevent the stickers from directly interacting with the laptop's surface) might be your safest bet if you want the best of both worlds: stickers on the MacBook's real surface. To do this, you can use Homy's full protection kit and then apply stickers.

However, snap-on cases are better than lamination, as they don't stick to the surface and are simply clamped onto the MacBook's body. You can also put them back on if you want to reapply the stickers to your laptop's look.

You might not like the feel of protectors or cases and want to apply stickers directly to your MacBook. In this case, you can use high-quality stickers that don't use a lot of adhesive for sticking, like the ones from Redbubble. These are less likely to leave a sticky residue when you remove them.

Designing pages of stickers for your Apple laptop with StickerYou's PageMaker is so easy anyone can do it! All you need to do is choose a piece of art from our art bank and customize it online, add text or change colors. Don't like the images that we have? Upload your own image and choose the size. If you're creating skins for your Mac, make sure to enter the proper size, as Macbook Pro is slightly thicker than Macbook Air. Have multiple designs you want to create stickers from? No problem, you can place multiple designs on one page and print several different images on one sheet for just $9.99! Upload your photos into PageMaker and print them as stickers. If you decide you want to put your vacation pictures or a photo of your dog on the back of your laptop - we can help! Our stickers are printed on vinyl and are bubble free, super easy to apply and remove. Removing them from your Mac does not leave residue, so you can update your vacation pictures on the back of the lid as many times as you want!

When it comes to vinyl stickers for your Macbook, Vinyl Revolution is the place to be. We have a huge variety of Macbook stickers and decals available in a wide range of styles. Browse above to find your perfect match.

Whether you love sports, science, animals, the political satire of Banksy, or the lesser known work of our talented artists, our Macbook stickers will transform any Macbook into your own personal statement. With over 300 designs, the perfect Macbook sticker is waiting for you right here in our online shop.

"I got a work Mac with a German keyboard and was struggling to do all my shortcuts as well as finding the symbols. These stickers truly saved my working life, (...) the stickers are mat and not glossy which is actually WAY better cause they don't get finger prints on them and always look clean compared to the actual Mac keys. I 100% recommend them!"

"I bought quite a special keyboard not fitting any regular stickers but they went extra mile to look in details at it and make highly tailored stickers to match it exactly. Communication was absolutely great and productive so I can really recommend it. Well done!"

"Some time ago I bought a laptop on sale, the only downside being it having a spanish keyboard; since I wanted a US keyboard instead, I bought a set of generic stickers, but the result was questionable at best: they were way too small for my keyboard, and they also were quite different from the original keys. I then searched the internet for a set of stickers specifically tailored for my notebook, I found Keyshorts, and decided to give it a try. Sure, a set of stickers costed more than the generic one, but, boy, the Keyshorts one deserves every cent. The stickers replicate the original keys in every detail, including the exact size of every keycap and the font of the characters. They are also reasonably easy to apply. I strongly recommend these stickers"

"Service and product quality at their very best. I can now transform my two french Azertys (Imac27 and Macbook) into Korean Qwertys at the switch of a button. The stickers quality is insane, it's clean and strong, I can still clean up my keyboards, and I use them everyday. The team is adorable. Many thanks from France!"

  • Buy: ($12.99)Apple Evolution

  • The Apple Evolution decal shows where the apple in the Apple logo might be turning into next. The evolution of the Apple does make up for a pretty cool appearance.Buy: ($4.99)Tree with Birds

We decided to track down a handful of the MacBook stickers you need to see. Whether you're a fan of Marvel comics, enjoy witty humor, or just want to "dress up" your laptop's look, see the images below.

FYI: We're creating the Official MacBook Stickers Pin Board over on Pinterest. You should definitely click over to follow, see the full collection, and even suggest new stickers! The board will be updated continuously.

I've got a MacBook Pro with Retina display and I've got a ton of stickers on it. Is there a method for removing the stickers from the back without damaging the finish and without leaving sticky residue on the laptop?

Some stickers are made with a water soluble glue, others with an organic soluble glue.Peel what you can off first, by hand. Once you've pried an edge up, pull slowly and carefully, not letting the angle between laptop surface and label get too large. That encourages separation of lable and glue layer. If it comes off clean, great! If not, fingernails, or a guitar pick can often get the last bits off without surface damage. If you've still got some residue, try soapy water. Give it some time to work, then go with the fingernail/guitar pick. If no joy, the glue is probably organic soluble. Any of the Limonene based orange oil cleaners should take care of that for you. Orange cleaner is available in any hardware store, and most grocery stores.

If you're in the UK then there's a wonderful thing called 'sticky stuff remover' which pretty much DWISOTT - I have to confess I haven't used it on my MBP yet (though I have stickers on it so I may need to at some point!) but I very much doubt it will damage the surface.

The Sifter spent last night looking through hundreds of Macbook decals and stickers. Below you will find a collection of our 50 favourites. There are thousands of options online, with many original designs on Etsy and other online retailers. The images below were culled from various Google image searches. As we began to try and source the original designers of the decals we found many online retailers offering identical versions of the same design. We got hesitant crediting one designer/retailer over another.

In iOS 10, the simple Messages app you're familiar with has transformed from a bare bones texting platform into a fun, interactive communication service that takes advantage of games, apps, drawings, stickers, message effects, and more.

Following in the footsteps of apps like Facebook and Line, Apple is delving into stickers in a big way, giving iOS users new ways of expressing themselves. Like the real thing, Stickers in iOS can be stuck onto messages or images, or sent by themselves, and they can be resized, rotated, and stuck to other stickers for fun layering effects.

Stickers must be placed on an incoming chat bubble of some sort and can't be placed randomly in the messages field, and stickers can only be added to other stickers after the first sticker has been sent, so it's not possible to layer multiple stickers together when composing a message.

Stickers can be resized or rotated before they're placed, a feature that's especially useful when you want to accent a photo. To make stickers bigger or smaller, as you drag them up to the messages field to place them somewhere, add another finger to the screen and use pinch gesture to expand or contract them.

Rotating stickers is done in the same way. As you hold a sticker above the screen before placing it, use two fingers to twist it around, changing its orientation. Make sure not to let go when rotating or resizing, as removing your finger releases the sticker and it can no longer be edited.

Use a long press on a sticker to bring up your message reaction menu and a set of management options. This menu displays where a sticker is from so you can download the sticker pack from the iMessage App Store if it's not already installed, and it has tools for deleting layered stickers. To delete:

Stickers are only going to display appropriately on devices running iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, so sending stickers to friends who are using Android devices or older versions of iOS won't work quite the same. On these devices, stickers are simply displayed as an image or GIF might be displayed and all layering is ignored. 041b061a72

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