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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault SKIDROW

the storyline is set during the european campaign of ww2, where you're a us soldier and part of the 101st airborne division (the famous screaming eagles) you're assigned to a high-risk mission deep behind enemy lines. the weapons are pretty much the same as the previous games, but the addition of the third-person perspective and the choice of what weapons you use is the most exciting part of the game.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault SKIDROW

medal of honor allied assault offers a new'storyline-driven campaign' that takes players through the experience of a sargent in the 101st airborne division. the game features a new third-person perspective, co-op play, a new multi-player mode called "the killzone", the return of the lmg from medal of honor: allied assault, new weapons, and a new depth of gameplay.

the game focuses on the story of a us soldier named michael caine and his story is told throughout the course of the game. the game features a lot of new features including three new maps, an online multiplayer mode, various new weapons, a new third-person perspective and a more extensive storyline than that seen in previous games.

the gameplay is based on real events during the second world war. it is a third-person shooter that uses a new twist on the medal of honor gameplay and takes place in new york, in the year 1950. the player is based in new york city and has to save the city from various bad guys. for the first time, it offers co-op play.

the game is in development for the xbox and xbox 360, pc, and ps2 platforms. the game will feature a new third person perspective. there will be a co-op campaign in which the player can play as either a sargent or a medic. the new third-person perspective is also included. the game will also feature a unique online multiplayer mode, which is based on the popular multiplayer mode from the previous two games. the player will be able to create up to four custom characters, with each one having a different weapon and ability.

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