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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore

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While in the midst of the preoccupations which were assailing me in these tragic days, I was summoned by telephone to the Office of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, shortly before the government left Paris. He made an appointment for me at the American Embassy without telling me what it was about. When I arrived I learned that the whole affair concerned the evacuation of all the gold of the Bank of France. I was told that the French Minister of Finance had made an agreement with President Roosevelt to transport all French gold to the United States. American ships were already en route, coming to load this gold at Saint-Jean de Luz, a small French fishing port near the Spanish frontier. The financiers and the diplomats had selected this point because it was farthest from the front. I was merely asked to say if from a nautical point of view this choice were good.

Farthest Frontier Crack Status


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