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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

Rikki Waters

The backyard of the building was flooded with more than 5 feet of water and some male neighbors were yelling for everyone to get out of the basement apartments, as they proceeded to smash windows and doors to rescue residents and their pets. Floodwaters came crashing into their apartments at an enormous speed yet no one was hurt.

rikki waters

The smell of gasoline permeated the air as the cars were going under, taking their last breath. I, along with several neighbors started to call 911 and the Fire Department anticipating a gas explosion and that fire might erupt at any moment, but no one would come because of the floodwaters. They said they needed a boat to come and they were inundated with panicked calls. Finally hours later, one fire truck arrived in the area and luckily there were no fires. 041b061a72

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