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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore

[S4E13] Tears Of A Clown

When a kidnapper who dresses as a clown reemerges in Boston after more than 20 years, the squad is struck with fear. Desperate for clues, they dig through files from the unsolved abductions of the haunting 1988 "Summer of the Clown." Meanwhile, as Jane's relationship with Casey becomes more serious, they are forced to face the fact that one of them will have to compromise if they are to take things to the next level. Maura also finds herself in a dilemma when she inadvertently gets in the middle of another relationship.

[S4E13] Tears of a Clown

Cam debuts his clown character Fizbo in an effort to add to the life of the party. Mitchell has a hard time grasping Cam's fondness for "clown culture" and isn't shy about letting his partner know it's an embarrassment. However, when Cam steps up to a man bullying Mitchell at the gas station, Mitchell realizes that Cam's clown exterior is just one other side of the man he loves. Hilariously, Phil has a deep-seated fear of clowns, and stumbles his way through the party anxious at the site of Fizbo. He casually remarks that he has no idea where the fear came from, even though his mother always told him it's because he found a dead clown in the woods as a young boy.

There are many lovable traits to Cam's character but one of the fans' favorites is Fizbo (to who fans were first introduced in season 1). In 'Fizbo,' the clown ended up having a memorable moment for viewers as he allowed fans to see another part of Cam's character. Not only was he fun and charming, but Cam also looked so confident and comfortable in his alter-ego too.

Thanks to the Trickster, Sam finds himself in a Groundhog Day-type situation, only every day ends with Dean dying. By the end of the hour, Dean has died more than 100 times, comedy has ensued, and tears have been shed. But after Dean is shot in the parking lot in what feels like an all-too-real scenario, Sam has had enough. He's emotionally drained and doesn't care to listen to the Trickster's lesson about Dean being his weakness. He just wants his brother back, and that's what he gets. 041b061a72

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