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  • Your IFSC Code Is: PYTM0123456

  • BRANCH:- Noida Branch

  • CONTACT:- +911133996699

  • BANK NAME:- Paytm Payments Bank



  • SWIFT CODE:- Use Main Branch Swift

  • ADDRESS:- B-121, Sector-5,Noida-201301

  • CENTRE:- Gautam Buddh Nagar


Pytm0123456 – Branch Name and Address

The Noida branch of Paytm Payments Bank is strategically located at B-121, Sector-5, Noida-201301. This branch serves as a key hub for customers in the region, offering a range of banking services tailored to their needs. With its prime location and modern infrastructure, the branch provides easy accessibility and a pleasant banking experience.

Role of IFSC Code

The IFSC code, PYTM0123456, assigned to Paytm Payments Bank’s Noida branch, plays a crucial role in enabling secure and efficient inter-bank fund transfers. It acts as a unique identifier, ensuring that the funds reach the intended recipient accurately and without any errors. With this IFSC code, customers can initiate transactions seamlessly, knowing that their funds will be transferred securely and promptly.

Branch Services and Customer Support

At the Noida branch, customers of Paytm Payments Bank can avail themselves of a wide range of banking services. These include opening new accounts, managing existing accounts, depositing and withdrawing funds, availing loans and overdraft facilities, and accessing various digital banking features. The branch is equipped with dedicated customer service representatives who are readily available to assist customers with their queries and concerns.


The Noida branch of Paytm Payments Bank, with its unique IFSC code PYTM0123456, plays a significant role in facilitating secure and efficient fund transfers. With a dedicated team of professionals and a comprehensive range of services, the branch ensures that customers receive reliable and personalized banking assistance. Located at B-121, Sector-5, Noida-201301, the branch is committed to serving the financial needs of individuals and contributing to the overall growth and development of the community it serves.

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