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Where Can I Buy Poo Pourri Near Me [VERIFIED]

These poo pourri ingredients work because the essential oils create a physical barrier, trapping the stinky smells below. Basically, you could have a chili cheese dawg blowout nightmare in the bathroom and no one would ever know. EVER. Is that incredible or what? Where was this during my dorm days?

where can i buy poo pourri near me

I am a huge fan of DoTerra pure essential oils in all my DIY projects and for health too. The oils they use for the poo pourri ingredients are bergamot essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and orange essential oils. However, I have used all kinds of oil combinations such as lemongrass and peppermint, or lavender and orange. During the holidays I even use a pine smell. If you are interested in buying some of these pure essential oils you can order some here from me.

Harmon, his brother Daniel, writer and director Joel Ackerman and a few others joined the Poo-Pourri team in Sundance, Utah (a mountain town near Provo, not the film festival), for a two-day-long brainstorming session. Jeffrey came up with the concept of putting an aristocratic, tea-drinking type of British woman on a toilet, saying ludicrous things in her proper accent.

At any rate, this spray works amazingly well and is probably the best homemade version of poo pourri you can find. If you want to make a simpler version of this, then check out my other poo pourri recipe HERE.

I like to make this in a 4oz sized spritzer bottle, but feel free to make a smaller or larger batch based on your needs. You can even make one large batch that can be used to refill the bottles of homemade poo pourri for every bathroom in your house.

You may have seen the youtube ad and thought "that's hysterical but there's no WAY it can be a real product!" Guess what, it's real! PooPourri is the Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray that lately seems to be on the tip of everyone's ... tongue. Yes, it's funny, but it works, too! It works so well that Good Housekeeping gave PooPourri it's seal of approval! I don't even want to think about the testing for that product ...People often give this great product as a "gag" gift, then come back for more because after you finish laughing (and laughing and laughing) you'll discover that the joke's in the ... well, poo. My customers are already becoming regulars, and come in telling me "this stuff is the sh*t!"It's a simple two step process: #1 Simply give the bottle a shake and with a few spritzes a protective layer of essential oils keeps embarrassing odors buried under water. #2 Poo. If you need help with directions on that, go ask a friendly nearby adult. I'm a sharing-means-caring kind of girl, but not that much! ;)

A: Now, before you put the damaged product in a tackily decorated shoebox and bury them in your backyard in mourning, please email pictures of the damaged product and the LOT numbers located on the bottle to After that, we'll make sure you end up with the perfectly pristine PooPourri you ordered!

This Homemade Poo Pourri Like Spray recipe is amazing, and the key to neutralizing bathroom stink no matter where you are and have to go No. 2. Because you know...we all want to keep potty business private, right?

Y'all remember that episode of Oprah where she and Dr. Oz talked about well...poop? Gah...I can't believe I even typed that word. But, we are going to take a minute and just talk about it. While it is something everybody does, it's not necessarily something that you want to share with the rest of the world, right? So here's the thing...we all have to go, and sometimes we have to go right away, no matter where we are. But, we don't actually want to share the smell, ya know? I've heard about this crazy stuff called Poo Pourri for the past couple of years, and I've even seen it in some specialty stores, but I had no idea how it works. The world definitely doesn't need one more odor masker. The good news is that Poo Pourri Like Spray works differently, and it actually does work!

Now...on to how to use your homemade poo pourri like spray. The trick is to spray this stuff into your toilet bowl, directly into the water BEFORE you go. Spray it 5 times, right into the water. The oil and alcohol create an oil barrier on top of the water to trap any "poo" under it! This traps the odors underneath the oil barrier so they don't come out of the toilet and into the air. Woo to the tell-tell No. 2 smell! Just flush the toilet, and no one will be the wiser!

I have been buying and using Poo Potpouri for years and Im tickled that I will be able to make my own. That is after I run out. The last time I bought it, I really stocked up so I wouldn't have to buy it for a while. I think it's one of the best inventions since...well.....ever. If only it was around when I was growing up with 5 people in one house, with one bathroom. 3 of the 5 where my brothers and my did we ever need poo potpourri then!!! LOL

When you spritz your homemade poo-pourri into the toilet it creates a barrier on top of the water. Then when something drops into the water (wonder what that would be), the stinky smell is trapped beneath the water.

So I am not sure people outside of marketing are as focused on the brilliance of the Poopourri product's video marketing. The video that was made as an advertising piece was awesome and compelled me to give them my email address and check out their free sample (turns out that was a seriously bad move on my part!)

While the Poopourri video was AWESOME, their email autoresponders have definitely not achieved the same high level of interaction and cleverness. In fact, it is looking like bad email marketing from the late 2000's instead of current, up-to-date cleverness to match the video.

Okay, I admit it, I would pay $4 in gas to go get this at the store rather than paying a couple of bucks in shipping. While I would like to know where in Denver I could buy it, I would be willing to click a map and search for my area (with no personalization they don't know where I live).

What came to mind for me was my college days in the dorm when I snuck off at midnight so I could have the toilets for myself. Did they check with anyone to see where this is good for? Most people have no imagination and aren't chatting about embarrassing poo experiences. Why not give me some good ideas about who and where this could work.

The trick clearly worked. Although Poo-Pourri made its first sale in 2007, grossing more than $1 million in its first year, it was about three months ago when this little commercial brought the product to the forefront, nearly selling out its stock. 041b061a72

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