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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

Hindu Maha Samudram Book 32 __LINK__

i want to write a paper which shows how our Ramayana and maha Mahabharata are related to science so please help me regarding my articlei am writing a article namehow we the science and technology related to our ancient vedic booksas a master student in electronic tele communication i am keen in interest to write a article how the communication used in earlier days.for examplenow a days we are viewing the tv but in mahabharat at the time of the war the king he will be in his place and he will watch the area of the war this is what related to the sciencei need some more suggestions from you that help me research this a student i can take some other article but i want to show the world that india vedics are related to science and technology long far .your suggestion are

Hindu Maha Samudram Book 32


A very good point to come out with the truth. I believe in all religions. I have read Bible, Quaran and I do read my religious books.If you see teh mythologies of hindu, christen or muslim. Every one has more or less similar sort of stories of formation of earth or the saving of humans by god. I feel during the years the the situation made them separate, and no religion teaches blood shed or hatred.

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