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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore

Chrishan Night And Day (Deluxe Version) (2009).rar

2011 Retrospective RemixEvery year I like to put together a mixtape of the coolest stuff I've heard in the past year. (You can tell how old I am because I used the word "mixtape"!) This year, I've put together a few fun mixes that you might get a kick out of. These are all slightly less than 80 minutes and can be burned onto a standard CD. The centerpiece is this "Restrospective Remix". Here are some of the coolest tunes I've run across over the past year. If you only download one mix, this should be it! (Also, if you look really carefully, you will find a few of our unreleased gems!) Download as a Zip file 3 Tango Practice MixesThese mixes are perfect for tango practice. I've broken them up into "Rhythmic" (older-style DiSarli / Biagi / D'Arienzo), "Lyrical" (Troilo, Calo, Pugliese, etc...) and "Electro" (Nuevo and Electronic)Practice Tango - Rhythmic Download as a Zip filePractice Tango - Electro Download as a Zip filePractice Tango - Lyrical Download as a Zip fileFinnish Tango SamplerThis year, I started playing in Tango Pojan Tähden, a Finish tango band featuring Sara Pajaunen and Elina Ruppert. My mind has been blown by the deep variety of Finnish tango out there. Here's a mix of some amazing stuff that I've just learned about. Enjoy! Download as a Zip filePermalink Our 2010 Christmas Gift to You!Posted on December 25, 2010 by Bob Barnes5 awesome mixes for your listening enjoyment! They are all slightly less than 80 minutes and will fit nicely on a single CD. They are set up as compilation albums that will play nicely in your iPod or MP3 player. Enjoy!2010 Tango MixOur centerpiece mix for 2010! If you have time for just one mix, this is it! Here are some tracks that we've heard this year and really liked. Download as a Zip file. Open in a new window 2010 Fun and Funky Mix80 minutes of tunes that will make you smile and wish you were in Minneapolis (the happiest place on Earth!) Download as a Zip file. Open in a new window2010 Mellow MixIf you need to de-stress after a long day of pointless busywork, this is the mix for you. Pour yourself a nice glass of Malbec and fire up the iPod. This is a a serious chillout. Download as a Zip file. Open in a new window2010 Electro MixHere is a random selection of some of our favorite electro tango. If we played electro tango, it would sound like this. Unfortunately, we do not have electricity (or indoor plumbing) in Minneapolis, so we pretty much only play acoustic music. Download as a Zip file. Open in a new windowSpecial: Triple-SeXXXy Late-Nite Tango MixWarning: be careful with this one! This is a mix of the sexiest tango known to science. It is an aphrodisiac of the highest order. Mandrágora Tango can not be held responsible for its misuse. Please use it for good rather than evil. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Download as a Zip file. Open in a new window(Oh, yeah. Sorry for not posting in over a year. 2010 really sucked.)Permalink Mercedes Sosa, 1935-2009. Gracias a la vida.Posted on October 4, 2009 by Bob BarnesLast night, Mercedes Sosa, one of our favorite singers, passed away at the age of 74. She was born in San Miguel de Tucuman in 1935 as was known as "La Voz de America Latina" (the voice of Latin America) for her powerful songs about the plight of the poor. She was not primarily known as a Tango singer, but she has recorded some amazing tango songs. Her version of Los Mareados with Roberto Goyeneche is personal favorite of mine. Here are a few my favorite recordings of her.

Chrishan Night And Day (Deluxe Version) (2009).rar

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