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Buy Iphone Upgrade Program

AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss is an optional device protection program that provides combined benefits under AppleCare+ and a Theft & Loss insurance policy. Theft and loss insurance coverage is underwritten by New Hampshire Insurance Company (NAIC# 23841; Principal Address 175 Water Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10038; Phone (212) 770-7000) and is sold by AppleCare Service Company, Inc. (in California d/b/a Brogdan Insurance Services Lic#OL00763; Iowa License #26) and is sold in NY by Apple Inc. (License #926146). Theft and loss insurance coverage is provided under a group policy issued to AppleCare Service Company, Inc. in all states, except for New York where the policy is issued to Apple Inc. Coverage is subject to certain terms, conditions, and limitations. Theft and Loss can be purchased separately. Please refer to the certificate of coverage for your state for complete details, which can be found at

buy iphone upgrade program

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Apple makes it easy to get an updated iPhone every year with its iPhone Upgrade program (opens in new tab), which lets you choose the carrier you want. Apple also throws in AppleCare+, which will protect your new phone.

But carriers have been offering early upgrade plans for years now, and sometimes at a lower price than Apple. You might've heard wireless carriers are offering some of the best iPhone 13 deals, making it more affordable than ever to upgrade to the latest smartphone tech.

More importantly, the iPhone Upgrade program lets you get a new iPhone every year (after 12 installments) without being tied to one carrier. Apple also throws in its AppleCare+ warranty, which includes up to two years of hardware repairs, software support and up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage (subject to an additional service fee).

But with the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, you're at the mercy of the company's price changes. For example, the iPhone 13 prices per month generally went up this year compared to the iPhone 12's. The iPhone 13 Pro's prices are mostly lower per month than the iPhone 12 Pro's, too. Also, Apple doesn't usually run external promotions when you upgrade.

T-Mobile's Jump program lets you upgrade to a new phone after 12 months worth of payments on a 12-month installment. It's similar to Sprint's offer in that you need to return your current phone in good condition, but it includes damage coverage in the monthly fee.

AT&T offers major upgrade plan option is called Next Up. With the Next Up plan, you can trade in your phone when 50% of the full retail price is paid off (typically after about 12 months.) AT&T also a few other upgrade plan options for you to peruse, but Next Up is most like Apple's iPhone Upgrade program.

This variety of options gives you the flexibility to choose between paying less each month or settling your debt more quickly. With AT&T, you'll own your device after making all payments, and are not tied to iPhones as your only upgrade option.

Overall, the best value is at T-Mobile, with its combo of low price, speedy network, flexibility and extra features, making it a good all-round deal. Verizon is offering great trade-in values towards your upgrade program, too, so we'd recommend using this carrier if you have a phone to give back.

Apple iPhone launch day is here, which means that millions of people are upgrading to the new iPhone 13. If that's you, you have a multitude of options for buying it, including the iPhone upgrade program, which starts at less than $40 per month.

First introduced in 2015, the upgrade program allows customers to pay for their iPhones in 24 monthly installments. For this year's iPhone lineup, that means the $699 iPhone 13 Mini with Apple Care coverage starts at $35.33 per month, while the larger $799 iPhone 13 starts at $39.50. The flagship iPhone 13 Pro starts at $49.91 per month and the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $54.08.

Part of the reason Apple introduced the program was because it found itself with a massive customer base that was happy to keep their existing iPhones for several years, limiting the number of people who would buy a new phone each year. With the upgrade plan, which greatly reduces the financial barrier to entry, Apple hoped to lower the sticker shock of getting the latest phone.

The program also offers a lot of convenience, with Apple making the return process easy by sending you a box and shipping label to return your old iPhone in. The retailer can also take it off your hands at an Apple Store.

The main drawback to the upgrade program is that until you make all 24 payments, you don't own your iPhone. That means you can't resell it, give it away or do anything to it that would otherwise impact Apple's ability to one day sell it to another customer.

While amount you can save ranges from model to model and the condition your phone is in, the difference between doing the upgrade plan trade-in and reselling your phone yourself could be as much as $75 or $100.

You don't have to buy your phone directly through Apple. The major American carriers all have their own versions of an upgrade plan. While they are largely similar to Apple's plan, they don't offer Apple Care+ coverage.

But if your main concern is not laying out a lot of money upfront for your phone and you don't want to go through the process of finding someone to sell it to, an upgrade plan is likely the right choice for you.

The iPhone Upgrade Program, available in the US, UK, and China, is a plan that Apple offers as a way to get a new iPhone every year. Instead of buying your iPhone upfront, you pay Apple a monthly fee for the device. After a set amount of payments, you're eligible to trade in your current phone and upgrade to the newest one, restarting the program.

After you've made the equivalent of 12 payments on the device, and have been using the program for at least six months, you're eligible to upgrade to the latest iPhone. At that time, Apple will ship you a new phone, plus a mailer to return your old one (or you can exchange in-store).

The checkout page is the same as when buying an iPhone from Apple normally; select your device size, color, and storage options. Choose your carrier and Apple will ship it ready to go on that network. Under the payment options, select Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, then you'll be able to enroll or check your eligibility to upgrade.

You'll then have to enter some information to apply for the loan with Citizens One, the service that Apple uses for the program. This includes your birthday, Social Security number, and annual income for a credit check. You also need a credit or debit card for the payments. To check the fine print, see the iPhone Upgrade Program Terms & Conditions.

Every iPhone Upgrade Program includes AppleCare+. If you want, you can choose to upgrade to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss instead. This includes everything in the base plan, plus two replacements in case you lose your device or it's stolen. Upgrading to this plan costs at least $4.16 more per month (depending on your device).

Apple explains that you need to pay "the equivalent of" 12 months' worth of payments before you upgrade to your new phone. This means that if you want to upgrade early (maybe you bought your iPhone in November and want to get a new phone next September), you can pay the rest of the first year's balance to upgrade before the 12 months are up.

If you're looking to save as much money as possible on your iPhone or don't wish to upgrade every year, you'll likely do better staying away from the Upgrade Program. Let's run a quick calculation of two extremes to examine this.

Overall, Apple's iPhone Upgrade program is best for people who want a new iPhone every year, don't mind paying a monthly cost forever, and who would buy AppleCare+ anyway. If you don't fulfill all three of those criteria, the Upgrade Program probably isn't right for you.

At this point in the year, it might make the most sense to make do with your current phone for a few more months and jump into the iPhone Upgrade Program in September when we expect to see the iPhone 13. That way, you'll be eligible to upgrade each year in September when Apple usually releases its latest iPhones.

You buy an iPhone from Apple -- from an Apple Store in person, Apple's online store or the Apple Store app -- and agree to pay it off off over 24 months. But after making half of those payments, you're eligible for a free upgrade. After 12 months, you can trade in your current phone for a new model. The clock starts again on the 24 months of payments and eligibility to upgrade after making 12 of them.

Apple sweetens the deal by including its AppleCare Plus coverage at a slight discount with the iPhone Upgrade Program. AppleCare Plus is the company's insurance and extended warranty program that would otherwise cost $7.99 a month for the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini or $9.99 a month for the iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max. With the Apple Upgrade Program, you pay $6.21 a month for AppleCare Plus instead of $7.99 a month with the iPhone 12 or 12 Mini.

If you worry less about dropping or damaging your phone and more about losing it or it getting stolen, you can pay a bit extra per month to upgrade to AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss coverage. It adds $4.16 to your monthly Upgrade Program bill and lets you pay a small deductible to replace a lost or stolen phone rather than the full cost of replacement.

No, not all at! You are not forced to upgrade. If you're happy with your current phone, you can keep using it and continuing to pay it off. After 24 months, you will have paid it off and can continue using it without the monthly payment, or you can turn around and sell it to help finance the cost of a new phone when you're ready.

After you have paid 12 monthly installments, you are eligible to trade in your old iPhone for the new version. Your old phone must be in good working condition with the ability to power on and hold a charge and with an intact and functioning display without breaks or cracks. If you upgrade online, you will have to sign a new 24-month contract and trade in your old iPhone at an Apple Store or have a trade-in kit mailed to you. 041b061a72

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