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Howden XRV 163 193 Manual

The Howden XRV 163 193 is a type of oil injected screw compressor that is designed for the refrigeration market. It has a single-walled casing and a variable Vi system that allows for optimal energy efficiency. It is ideal for horizontal separator applications and does not require an oil pump for most installations. It has a maximum pressure of 21 bar g, a maximum flow of 852 sm3/hr, and a maximum speed of 3600 rpm.

This article will provide some information on the product specifications, installation, and maintenance of the Howden XRV 163 193 compressor. For more details, please refer to the official product brochure and service manual from Howden.

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Product Specifications

The Howden XRV 163 193 compressor has the following features and benefits:

  • Ease of installation: Ideal for horizontal separator applications.

  • Use of roller bearings: No oil pump for over 90% of installations.

  • Variable Vi: Available with adjustable Vi system.

  • Stepless capacity control: Combined with variable Vi, gives maximum energy saving.

  • Ease of service: Separate end covers give easy access to rolling elements.

The Howden XRV 163 193 compressor has the following key performance parameters:

XRV 163 variants

Speed rpm

Swept volume m3/hr

Nominal capacities in kW for R717

Dimensions in mm basic unit L x W x H

Weight (basic direct drive unit) kg / Ibs

Sound pressure level dBa




High stage -10/+35C: 344Booster -40/-10C: 109With economiser -40/+35C: 105


364 / 802





High stage -10/+35C: 416Booster -40/-10C: 132With economiser -40/+35C: 126


388 / 855



The Howden XRV 163 193 compressor must be installed according to the instructions given in the service manual. Some important aspects of the installation are:

  • The compressor must be aligned with the coupling using a dial gauge or a laser alignment tool. The alignment tolerance is +/-0.05 mm radial and +/-0.05 mm axial.

  • The compressor must be dowelled to the base frame using four dowels per foot. The dowels must be fitted after the alignment is completed.

  • The piping must be supported independently from the compressor and must not impose any stress or strain on the compressor flanges. The piping must be clean and free from debris before connecting to the compressor.


The Howden XRV 163 193 compressor requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance and reliability. The maintenance intervals and procedures are specified in the service manual. Some general maintenance tips are:

  • The oil level must be checked daily and maintained between the minimum and maximum marks on the oil sight glass. The oil quality must be checked periodically and changed according to the recommendations given in the service manual. The recommended lubricating oils are listed in the product brochure.

  • The oil filter must be replaced every 2000 hours or every year, whichever comes first. The oil filter must be filled with oil before installation to avoid air locks.

  • The suction and discharge valves must be inspected and cleaned every 8000 hours or every two years, whichever comes first. The valve springs must be replaced if they are damaged or worn.

  • The rotors and bearings must be inspected and replaced if necessary every 16000 hours or every four years, whichever comes first. The rotors must be handled with care and protected from corrosion and damage.

For more information on Howden XRV 163 193 compressor, please visit the Howden website or contact Howden Compressors Ltd.

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