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Santiago Price
Santiago Price

[S9E7] The Silo

In An Honest Woman, Hank takes a liking to Olive and invites her over for lunch. This leads to him being attacked as he goes to his basement to his safe to give Olive money. However, the kidnappers threaten Olive's life, leading Voight the code to open the safe. Olive reveals later on that she ran her mouth to a friend and the men threatened to kill the baby if she told anyone unless she helped them attack & rob Voight. He helps her through it. With the help of his unit, Hank is able to track down Olive's friend who was responsible for causing the robbery. He scares her by brutally interrogating her boyfriend and breaking his fingers. After they reveal the name of the other man hang them, he breaks another one of the boyfriend's fingers as payback for causing his family stress. At the precinct, he is intent on solving the matter before a break comes through when one of the men turns himself saying he is Ian Marks. Taking Ian to the Silos, he proceeds to threaten him to find his partner in exchange for living rather than going into witness protection like he hoped. Hank then puts great fear into Ian until he agrees to the deal. Hank also makes sure to ask if Olive has any role in it, as Marks confirms that she did not. However, Lukasz realizes he has been played Lucas tells Ian to go ahead of him before shooting him in the head and taking his bag. Because of his shots the crowds become a frenzy, Lucas flees with the officers pursuing him. Although Lukasz tries to escape, Erin and Jay sneak up on him and apprehend him. Hank then proceeds to go through the duffel bags and finds his money but notices something missing. Hank tells the officers that he will take care of Gregorie as they become worried. Sometime later, Hank takes the scared Lukasz to the silos and thought of killing him. However, he spares him and settled for beating the man up for his actions and arresting him. Hank comes back into precinct with an apprehended but bruised and bloodied Lukasz while Trudy tells the man that he will be transferred to booking. Before he is taken away, Hank stops the officers to tell the man he will one day believe he is lucky to have survived before let him get taken away.

[S9E7] The Silo

As of The Weigh Station, because of Jay being targeted, Hank puts him in protective custody while having Kim and Roman safeguard him to prevent him from going after his assailants. After the shooter is brought in, Hank threatens to take him to the silos and the scared man complies. Hank tells Roman and Kim prevent an angry Jay from attacking him. Hank and Alvin bring in a former hitman Joe Price, being able to contact the main mastermind after Oskar. After the man demands to see Jay alive, Hank is resistant but is shocked when Jay forces Price to agree to the deal despite the protest of his colleagues. During the deal, Price betrays Jay when his son is kidnapped. However, Jay overpowers him and force him to go along with the deal in exchange for saving his son. With help from Hank and the others, all of the men are arrested. However, Hank tells Joe that he will help his son out because of everything.

In If We Were Normal, Hank decides to follow a method of Lindsay and takes a real estate agent accused of rape and kidnapping to the silos. With the help of Alvin and Lindsay who bringing his wife and another one of his victims they were able to get the location of another girl that he abducted. The unit arrives at the house but they find a girl is already dead. 041b061a72

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