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[S2E9] Fashion Bears

In order to abide by the clothing policy of their favorite Boba shop, the Bears get some new outfits. But with new looks come new lives including office work, fashion modeling and even falling in love!

[S2E9] Fashion Bears

Royal Ribbon shares her design with S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #10, S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #11, "Strawberry Lime", "Sweet Dreams", shares her mane style with S04E22 Unnamed Earth Mare #16, shares her tail style with Amethyst Star, Lyra Heartstrings, Rose, Diamond Mint, Lemony Gem, and Silverspeed, and bears a resemblance to Starbeam Twinkle and Ribbon Wishes.

Royal Ribbon first appears in The Ticket Master during Rarity's fantasy of marrying Prince Blueblood. She later appears in Green Isn't Your Color, watching Photo Finish's fashion shows. Along with the other ponies, she is at first annoyed when Fluttershy 'ruins' a show, but eventually laughs, and delivers her second line. She also appears in Applejack's flashback in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, walking along a street in Manehattan and later attending the Oranges' dinner.

Royal Ribbon is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game. Her in-game description states, "As a self-professed stylist, Royal Ribbon likes to think of herself as a fashion connoisseur! When it comes to trends, she lives by her motto: 'If it ain't got a ribbon, you sure won't be winnin'!'"

SYFY: Who's your hero in Episode 209? Why?LK: It's so difficult to choose given all the heroic "ass-crushing" (thank you for that phrase Kem and Adam) that goes on in this episode. Nyssa takes Zod's ship in spectacular fashion, Val holds strong in a crumbling Rebel base to help Seg, and Adam makes a huge sacrifice to save Val's life, but personally, my hero for 209 is Kem. Episode 209 really is his swan song. But Adam saving Val from the rubble is a close second. Watching a fully-formed Adam sacrifice himself on sheer selfless instinct, is a great moment that shows how far he's come since we met him, and also helps serve up a nice heroic one-two punch from two knuckleheads with a lot of heart.

Fjord and Beau follow Claudia and have a heart-to-heart about Beau's inability to sound genuine when giving compliments, and Fjord allows Beau to practice complimenting people on him, which she fails in spectacular fashion. She begins by telling Fjord, in a deadpan voice with no body language "You're very attractive." Fjord gives her some pointers and suggests she try smiling, but it does not go much better: after saying he's attractive once more, Fjord immediately replies, "Oh, man, you look constipated." Fjord recommends winking, and Beau's attempts yield no positive results. Fjord says they'll keep working on it, to which Beau responds "That wasn't it? Fuck." Beau thanks him for telling him about it instead of staying silent, Fjord responds that they've known each other long enough that he can tell that she was trying. Ironically, it's the most sincere she's sounded all night. Fjord also realizes this and points a thumb at her with a knowing and elated grin and Beau immediately tries to defend herself: "Genuine! I was being genuine!". And Fjord tells her he got that, that was a good job. They laugh it off.

Created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears is based on Chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears and tells the story of three sibling bears Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear who adjust to living among humans in San Francisco. We Bare Bears premiered on July 25, 2015 in the U.S. and later that year in September in the U.K. The We Bare Bears main cast include Eric Edelstein as Grizzly, Bobby Moynihan as Panda, and Demetri Martin as Ice Bear.

Could you just GAG? For the final challenge in season 8, the ladies starred in the music video for Ru's single "The Realness." But it was Ru's stunning off-the-shoulder dress we couldn't stop staring at thanks to it's shiny fabric sparkling from every angle on the runway. The gown ended the season on a major fashion moment. 041b061a72

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