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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat

Several factions reside in the Zone: Loners, Bandits, Mercenaries, Scientists, Zombified Stalkers, Military, Monolith, Duty, and Freedom, the two latter ones being ideologically motivated; control and anarchy, respectively. Despite the Yanov station cease-fire, fights will occasionally break out outside designated Safe Zones. At some certain spots of Zaton and Jupiter groups of Mercenaries, both neutral and hostile to the player, appear. The player's relations to the factions are commonly neutral. However, Zombified Stalkers and Monoliths are hostile towards all characters.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Disguised as a stalker, Major Degtyarev explores newly-discovered territories within the center of the Zone (Zaton and Yanov) while looking for the crashed Stingray helicopters. Degtyarev's cover allows him to also work for various faction members within the zone, and get involved in factions conflicts. The Major discovers that most of the crashes were caused by strong jolts of electricity. While investigating the Stingray 3 wreck, Degtyarev finds out that the military had established evacuations points in the center of the Zone. Decrypting the Stingray 1 black box, Degtyarev learns that the survivors headed for evacuation point B28 in the city of Pripyat waiting for evacuation. However, the city of Pripyat is sealed and is only accessible through the Jupiter Underground. He forms a team consisting of Zulu - an ex-Duty member, and any number of the following candidates: Vano - a loner, Strider - a Monolith deserter and Lieutenant Sokolov - the sole survivor and co-pilot of Stingray 4, and also the only surviving soldier not in Pripyat. With the help of the local technician called Nitro, they finally get into the tunnel leading to Pripyat. The tunnel is full of deadly gas and mutants, and they're ambushed by the Monolith just before getting out of it.

Did you ever wonder where legends, sagas and characters like elves, gnomes, dragons and mages - the races and creatures we typically refer to as fictional fantasy archetypes - come from? As we say - There is no smoke without fire. If any gossip and writings get spread around, there must be some link between what was imagined and reality. Even an authentically candid lie or skillfully disguised fiction bears links with true to life events.We are breaking the seal on the door to myths and legends; the entrance to a world where magic was commonplace, the gateway to Empires long ago extinct. The memories of them were methodically erased from the public consciousness, and have remained in oblivion for ages. Now, the time has come to take a step through that door leading to a distant reality where mysterious people lived and their societies where lived heroes keen on defending their lands until the last drop of blood. You will find the truth about what happened to that ancient world of magic and why our knowledge of it is so scanty. The game Heroes of Annihilated Empires is the key to that world's door.

In Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars , lead your 19th century army to glory in this much-anticipated sequel to the internationally acclaimed Cossacks: European Wars. Whether fighting as Napoleon's highly disciplined Grand Arme, the tenacious Russians and their Cossack horseback warriors, the Austrians, Britons, Prussians, or Egyptians, the challenges will be daunting as you master weapons and tactics during a time that redefined modern warfare.Massive Historical Battles - Fight through battles of the 19th century, with massive armies colliding in varied types of terrain and weather.Varied Game Play - Enjoy a strategic campaign for the dominance of Europe, follow in the footsteps of emperors and generals in history-inspired battles, or duke it out in open-ended skirmishes.There is More To Winning Than Combat - Learn to weaken your enemies economically before the first musket volley is fired. Forge treaties, devise treacheries, or simply buy your opponents' loyalties.Realistic Troop Morale System - Only well-led, well-provisioned troops live long enough to grow in experience and become valuable battlefield assets.Online Play - Compete against or in cooperation with other armchair emperors via LAN or an Internet connection.

  • On the October 12th, 1492 a squadron of three battered ships was relentlessly driven by warm wind towards one of the Bahamian archipelago isles. That sunny day became the day of New World discovery and encounter with its inhabitants. The aborigines gave the uninvited guests a hearty welcome. The latter repaid them in kind, by generously bestowing glass beads and other trinkets on the natives. No words can be found to describe the joy of the newcomers when they took a closer look at the gifts from the locals: they were of pure gold. That could mean only one thing - these peaceful lands have faced an unprecedented disaster. It was not a desire to explore the globe that urged European rulers to outfit expeditions. It was a far cry from noble incentive that forced Columbus and many of his followers to make their way to the New World. These expeditions had only one goal: capture as much gold, silver, spices and slaves as possible, and the means to obtain this goal did not matter...Epic real-time strategy with historical backgroundCaptivating real-time battles with up to 16,000 unitsCovers the era between 1492 and 181342 versatile missions in 8 thrilling campaigns e.g. Pizarro's Expedition, the War of Tecumseh, the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence6 historical battles in multiplayer mode9 separate single player missions12 different nations and tribes: Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos, USAOver 100 different units and 106 buildingsTactical formations for infantry, cavalry and artillery using officers, drummers and standard bearersRealistic artillery effects, including gunner squadrons transporting and loading canon, as well as detonating cannon ballsFighting morale is influenced by victories, defeats, food supplies, equipment and mercenary payApart from the wide range attacks, all shooting units can fight with swords and knives (Cold Steel Attack)All buildings can be attacked, occupied and defended by troopsFortresses, forts and log cabins provide defensive advantages; units can also be accommodated and trained thereMap scaling provides an extensive overview of the fighting action through a unique zoom perspectiveHuge maps and fascinating landscapes in four different climatic zonesDetailed animation of all movements, including loading of weaponsIntricate diplomacy system allows players to build alliances with neutral tribes to trade for warriors and raw materialsNatural environment can be used strategically: caves as hiding places or ambush starting points, hills extend the shooting rangeMultiplayer mode for up to 7 players via LAN or the Internet: Deathmatch, historical battles, automatic championship system and global rating system, War For AmericaDetailed random maps in various sizes and with multiple settings for unlimited gaming fun

The game is set in the year 2010 where player's conscience is entrapped by an up-to-date virus-infected virtual reality-playing machine called FireStarter. The virus-caused failure resulting in computers changing the rules of the game - to break out of the trap, the player is to complete the game within 48 hours. Immerse in an unbelievable world, created by a super-modern playing machine, where you are to come out a winner of the adrenaline-brimming action...

This time around two new mutants are added to the wildlife of the zone: the psi-using Burer and the powerful Chimera. Two mutants, who were removed from the original game. A semi-automatic shotgun on the other hand increases the available arsenal of firepower and helmets are now separated from the body armor allowing for wild combinations. In addition the interface has been completely revamped now offering a better arranged inventory, slots for two main weapons (as opposed to one weapon and a side-arm in the previous titles) and four quick-slots to put food or medicine in for fast usage. In addition stalker that roam the zone offer a fast-traveling service in exchange for a little bit of money, allowing the player to get to almost anywhere in the area in a short time - including the really big anomalies. They are now uniquely designed and always visible on your PDA-map. Artifacts found in these anomalies often provide benefits such as increased stamina or protection, but they are also nearly all radioatice. A deadly storm called an emission, that the player has to witness from inside a building or cave to survive, happens roughly once a day, causing the anomalies to react in strange ways to create more artifacts. The upgrade-system from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky also makes a return although in a much more refined way with three-stages upgrade-trees for each item. To get access to higher upgrades, the player first needs to find corresponding tools hidden in the zone and bring them back to the technician.

In case you've been trapped under a radioactive concrete slab for the past few years, I should explain a bit about what Stalker is. There was once a book called Roadside Picnic, written by the Strugatsky brothers in Soviet Russia, and published in 1977. It was about contaminated zones on the Earth - places which had been radically warped by a brief alien visitation. It didn't take long for people to associate this fiction with the zones of contamination and pollution that existed all across the Soviet bloc. When the book was was made into a film by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979 it wasn't hard to find appropriately polluted settings in Estonia. By the time the 1986 nuclear plant incident at Chernobyl created a huge exclusion zone within the Ukrainian countryside, many people were familiar enough with Roadside Picnic to point out that mankind had once again managed to make its own zone, thanks to our own high technologies going haywire. People even became real-life "stalkers", going into the zone around Pripyat to live, scavenge, or to give tours to visitors. 041b061a72

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